Artist statement: Action’s Echo

This series of photographs discusses the broad spectrum of actions that are performed during the course of a photo shoot, and resonates within the discourse inherent in the photographs and their photographic remains.
These actions include drawing on a windowsill that overlooks a landscape, building with sugar cubes, vomiting, jumping, knocking a dusty fan to the floor, staging a mirror to create an illusion, and more.

These photographs examine the border between an action that is sculptural, formative or artistic and an action that is day-to-day, functional, playful or casual.

One or more of these actions often resonates in my photographs. The photo-shoot is at times the documenter of a concrete action and is at other times inseparable from the action itself. Some of these actions occur prior to the photo-shoot, some during the course of the shoot, and some after it is all over, on the computer.

Hebrew Translation

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